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Principal's Message

Principal's Message


Welcome Ramona Family!


On behalf of all our staff, I welcome you to the 2018-2019 school year! I am honored to be the principal at Ramona High School. It has been a pleasure to service the students, parents and families that make up this wonderful community. I am especially pleased to be part of a faculty and staff committed to providing the best possible education for every child in a safe, nurturing environment.

 High school is an incredible adventure, filled with wonderful experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. My staff and I realize that is an adventure we all must navigate together and we are thrilled that you have decided to entrust your child’s educational future with us. Our shared goal is to create an environment where our students can flourish as both scholars and as productive members of the community – and we realize that helping our students earn a high school diploma is an important part of reaching this goal.

 In that effort, every staff member has been working hard to prepare for the new year, setting very high expectations and making plans to guarantee that every student at Ramona has the tools necessary to recover credits and earn their diploma. We are prepared to offer more time and support to every student that needs it. To do this, we will utilize every available minute of our day to enrich your child’s learning. We have implemented an intervention program that includes Saturday School, after school credit completion, winter and spring intervention to support students in completing credits.We will send home a monthly calendar.  We ask that you support your daughter's education by sending your child to school every day, encouraging your child to attend our Intervention programs, and asking your child to share what they accomplished at school each day.


The importance of our parent engagement is crucial to our success and can be realized through involvement in school committees and activities. Your input is an important part of the self evaluation and improvement process and is a key component of our School Site Council (SSC). We ask that you take a few minutes every month and join us for Coffee with the Principal so that you can provide your valuable input in all that we do.

Your continued interest and support is appreciated and we look forward to working closely with you this school year: this truly is a community committed to the success of its students. Together we will continue to build upon the positive school culture and advocate for the diversity and unique needs, talents, and gifts of each of our students.




Anna Carrasco, Principal




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